Family Office Is Our Specialty

With over forty five years of combined investing experience in Israel and worldwide, Rosetta’s team has navigated all market conditions and continuously protected and grown clients’ assets. For us, there is no better recommendation than the fact that our services are now being used by the second generation of our original client base - this not only reflects our high professional standards, but also our ability to develop deep relationships across generations.

Like many other wealth managers, we advise on investments in all traditional asset classes i.e. equities, fixed income, alternatives, real estate and private equity. However, unlike most wealth managers, Rosetta has established partnerships within the vibrant Israeli healthcare and technology sectors enabling us to offer our clients unique access to private investments. For example, Rosetta partner with lead investor in Integra Holdings, the Hebrew University's technology transfer company guaranteeing the “Right of First Look” at their portfolio of cutting edge life science companies.

The Rosetta team has lived and worked in financial markets in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and over the years has developed a deep network of contacts within these regions. This ensures a level of expertise on a global basis and deal flow that many Israeli advisers cannot match.

Our Key Values


Our deep respect for our clients’ privacy serves as the foundation for trustworthy, long term relationships.


We will calibrate our recommendations to suit your tolerance for risk however our basic investment philosophy is conservative and long-term.


With over 45 years combined experience in financial markets, you can be confident that we will help you choose the right investments for you.


We are committed to being available to you whenever and wherever you need us.