Our Step by Step Approach


Step one: Financial planning - we will work together to fully understand your financial needs and objectives for the short and long term. For each plan, for each decision to be made, we focus on the clients’ family plans in terms of what they want for their future and for the next generations.

Step two: Asset allocation – once we have a clear picture of your current financial position, your tolerance for risk and your future plans, we will formulate an asset allocation policy. We have developed a clear system to explain our approach to risk and return suitable for non-financial professionals. 

We will advise on the selection of money managers globally according to each particular allocation carrying out extensive due diligence. Our approach is to select best-of-breed managers for each asset class always ensuring sufficient diversification for your portfolio enabling your investments to perform in all market conditions. Due to our relationships with many world class managers we can often negotiate lower fee levels than retail investors will usually pay.

Step three: portfolio monitoring – each and every day we monitor global markets in general and your investments specifically, giving you peace of mind that your financial interests are being looked after. If an asset is underperforming we will examine why and if necessary recommend a change to the allocation. We are also constantly looking for suitable investments.

Step four: Reporting – we will provide you with a comprehensive report of your assets performance every quarter, but we will also provide you with valuations and ad hoc reports whenever you desire.