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Rosetta has an affiliation (as legally defined in the Advisory Law) with the financial product/s and institution/s mentioned hereunder and may benefit from these institution/s or product/s (“Product Providers”): Stenham, Aurum, Prestige, Darwin.

Rosetta is affiliated to the financial products, which are developed by the Product Providers, or are available via them, and is likely to receive a benefit from the Product Providers in connection with transacting in such financial assets or in connection with the continued holding thereof, and is likely to prefer financial assets or financial products of the Product Providers over other financial assets or financial products with which the Investment Agent is not connected, which are similar in terms of their suitability to the client, to the financial assets or financial products of the Product Provider. The nature of the remuneration which Rosetta shall receive, is payments made to it by the Product Providers at rates which vary according to the type of financial asset or product, the extent of the investment of the client, the duration of the investment and so forth. 

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Prospective investors should take into account that past performance does not guaranty future performance. 

The detailed descriptions herein are incomplete and insufficient for the purposes of making an investment decision. For different investors there is likely to be a range of different goals, and therefore, it is incumbent upon each investor to match their investment/s to their specific and personal requirements. 

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